Youth Soccer

Our eight-week soccer program is focused on helping our players develop teamwork and sportsmanship skills while learning the basics of soccer. Participants will learn age-appropriate basics of soccer including dribbling, passing, shooting, and field positions. The first half of the program will be focused on learning essential soccer skills and running drill minded scrimmages. The last three weeks will be focused on games. We invite family and friends to join us on the last day for an end of program celebration game!

NEW! Indoor Soccer (Ages 4-12yr) Indoor soccer is a fast-paced game with lots of opportunities for young and experienced players. Learn about the game of soccer and have fun at the same time. Our recreational indoor league is divided into appropriate age groups with an emphasis on participation. Participants are taught basic game skills such as dribbling, passing, and shooting as well as sportsmanship. Team size is limited to allow for the most playing time possible for each participant

Seasons available: Year-round program

We are actively looking for dedicated volunteers who are passionate about coaching youth sports. Our volunteer coaches play a pivotal role in enabling YMCA youth sports to thrive, leaving a lasting impression on children by fostering participation, instilling sportsmanship, and nurturing strong character. By joining our volunteer team, the Y will offer comprehensive coaching guidance and tailor-made resources for the specific sport you’ll be coaching. For parents whose children are part of the team, getting involved during practice sessions can foster a sense of ease, encouraging them to engage in additional practice sessions with you beyond the official practice hours

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Soccer Benefits

Discover the enriching benefits of youth soccer. Beyond the field, this dynamic sport nurtures physical fitness, teamwork, and discipline. Soccer sharpens motor skills, fosters social interactions, and enhances mental acuity through strategic play. A platform for growth, it builds confidence, responsibility, and leadership. By engaging in soccer, young players not only embrace a healthy lifestyle but also cultivate lifelong friendships and essential life skills. As they dribble, pass, and shoot, they also develop a strong foundation for success on and off the pitch, creating a well-rounded pathway towards a brighter future.

Training Tips

Elevate your youth soccer game with these essential training tips. Focus on mastering ball control through regular dribbling and passing practice. Develop agility and speed through ladder drills and shuttle runs. Strengthen leg muscles with squats and lunges for powerful shots. Enhance teamwork skills by participating in small-sided games and scrimmages. Prioritize stretching and warm-up routines to prevent injuries. Foster mental toughness by setting goals and maintaining a positive mindset. Emphasize hydration and proper nutrition for peak performance. Lastly, remember to have fun and nurture your passion for the sport. These training insights will help you excel and enjoy the beautiful game of soccer

Coaching Benefits

Coaches who engage in active listening guarantees clear, mutually understood communication makes players more willing to talk to the coach as well as promotes a more meaningful relationship between the coach and player. Communicating with purpose by being aware of posture, eye contact, facial expressions, distance between the coach and the player, distracting behaviors and voice quality is crucial in addressing players and understanding their questions and quandaries.

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