Youth Basketball

Basketball Fundamentals: Nurturing Young Athletes for Success

Our Youth Basketball League focuses on teaching age-appropriate skills that our players need to be successful. Players will improve ball skills like dribbling, passing and shooting, but will also learn court dynamics such as defensive movements and gameplay mechanics. The first half of the program will be focused on learning essential skills and running drill minded scrimmages. The last few weeks will be focused on games. We invite family and friends to join us on the last day for an end of program celebration game!

Seasons Available:

September – October
November – December
January – February
March – April

We are actively looking for dedicated volunteers who are passionate about coaching youth sports. Our volunteer coaches play a pivotal role in enabling YMCA youth sports to thrive, leaving a lasting impression on children by fostering participation, instilling sportsmanship, and nurturing strong character. By joining our volunteer team, the Y will offer comprehensive coaching guidance and tailor-made resources for the specific sport you’ll be coaching. For parents whose children are part of the team, getting involved during practice sessions can foster a sense of ease, encouraging them to engage in additional practice sessions with you beyond the official practice hours

Basketball Benefits

Engaging in youth basketball offers a multitude of benefits for children. Beyond honing ball skills like dribbling, passing, and shooting, kids develop crucial life skills. Teamwork, communication, and discipline are cultivated as they work together toward common goals. Physical activity promotes overall health, while friendly competition instills sportsmanship and resilience. The court becomes a platform for building confidence, fostering friendships, and instilling a strong work ethic. Enroll your child in youth basketball today to provide them with a holistic developmental experience that extends far beyond the game itself.

Training Tips

Find a balance for your child between having fun and improving their skills as a player by exercising through drill work and conditioning to help them develop both a love for the game and solid fundamentals. Making sure to prioritize effort over results will nurture their interest to improve their skillset and mindset as a future leader.

Coaching Tips

Teach good sportsmanship by your example in maintaining a positive attitude at all times. Teach them to play hard with respect to their youth basketball team opponents and to the officials. Wins and losses are not important at this age, it is about developing teamwork, emphasizing sportsmanship and learning their responsibilities to the team that will instill good discipline and dedication to a sport that they enjoy to play.

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