Empowering Youth Through RhodySquash: A Lifelong Journey

We are thrilled to announce a transformative partnership between the Newport County YMCA and RhodySquash, solidifying a permanent home for their invaluable youth program within Newport County. Rooted in shared values of wellness and social consciousness, this collaboration perfectly marries our missions. RhodySquash, an organization dedicated to fostering the holistic growth of underprivileged youth, embodies our collective commitment to nurturing healthy lifestyles and community stewardship. By seamlessly weaving together academics, community engagement, mentorship, and the dynamic sport of squash, RhodySquash empowers young individuals to surpass their own potential and strive for self-actualization.

Join us in shaping a brighter future through RHODYSQUASH.

We are actively looking for dedicated volunteers who are passionate about coaching the game of squash. Our volunteer coaches play a pivotal role in enabling YMCA youth sports to thrive, leaving a lasting impression on children by fostering participation, instilling sportsmanship, and nurturing strong character. By joining our volunteer team, the Y will offer comprehensive coaching guidance and tailor-made resources for the specific sport you’ll be coaching. For parents whose children are part of the team, getting involved during practice sessions can foster a sense of ease, encouraging them to engage in additional practice sessions

Become A Volunteer

RhodySquash Benefits

RhodySquash offers transformative benefits to underprivileged youth. By blending academics, community service, and mentorship with the sport of squash, it empowers participants to excel both on and off the court. Through this holistic approach, RhodySquash fosters self-confidence, discipline, and social responsibility. It creates a tight-knit community, promoting inclusivity and healthy living.

Coaching Benefits

Coaches serve as positive role models, inspiring social responsibility and community engagement. By nurturing a passion for squash, coaches instill a love for physical activity and lifelong wellness. Overall, coaching within RhodySquash empowers youth with essential skills, enriching their lives both on and off the court.

Tutoring & Community Service Benefits

By instilling essential life skills and values, the program ensures long-term personal growth and positive contributions to society. RhodySquash stands as a beacon of opportunity, equipping youth with the tools they need for success, while promoting physical well-being, camaraderie, and a lifelong love for learning.