Gymnastics Policies

Gymnastics Center Rules

Due to the current construction happening on-site, parents and spectators are not allowed in the Gymnastics Center until further notice (with the exception of Parent Child classes).

School-year enrollment: Enrollment in gymnastics is ongoing for the length of the school year. We will hold your child’s spot in the selected day/time provided tuition remains current. If you choose to take a break, your spot in the current class is not guaranteed when you return. Classes will run from 9/13/2021 to 6/18/2022 with the following planned time off:

November 24-26: Thanksgiving Holiday
December 23-January 2: Winter Holiday
April 15-17: Easter Holiday
May 27-30: Memorial Day Weekend

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?
Registration can be completed online at Registration cannot be completed through email. A credit card or bank account is required to remain on file.

Can my gymnast start in the middle of a session?
Your child can begin at any time during the school year. Tuition will be prorated based on the start-date.

How long is my gymnast enrolled for?

The continuous enrollment period goes through the end of the school year.

What should my child wear?
Fitted clothing that will not fall in your gymnasts face or get caught on equipment. All ninja students should wear their Ninja uniform. Long hair should be tied back away from the face. All jewelry should be removed prior to class. Stud earrings are acceptable, however any dangling necklaces, bracelets or earrings may get caught on equipment and rings may scratch the bars.

What should my child bring to class?
Please bring a filled water bottle, shoes, and a mask to class.

When will parent viewing be an option?

We will provide a chance to see what the gymnasts have been working on at our end of the year showcase. Parent viewing will be available at every class at the completion of our renovation.

How do I un-enroll?
Please submit a written/email request by the 15th of the month. Requests received after the 15th cannot be guaranteed before being drafted on the 1st.

How do I schedule a make-up class?
Please contact the gymnastics director via email. Make-up classes cannot be scheduled over the phone.

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