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Dive into Fitness: YMCA Water Workout Classes

Immerse yourself in a world of wellness and fun with our YMCA Water Fitness Classes! Are you ready to make a splash towards a healthier lifestyle? Join us for invigorating aqua workouts that combine the power of water resistance with dynamic movements, catering to all fitness levels. Whether you’re a seasoned swimmer or just dipping your toes, our certified instructors will guide you through engaging routines that enhance cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength, and flexibility. In a supportive and inclusive environment, you’ll enjoy the benefits of low-impact exercise while staying cool and refreshed. Join our community and experience the joy of exercise in the pool. Get ready to dive in – your journey to improved fitness starts here!

Shallow Water Fitness

Fun and energetic moderate-intensity, low-impact in-water exercise class using foam dumbbells, noodles, and additional aquatic exercise equipment in shallow water.

Deep Water Fitness  

Fun and energetic higher intensity, low-impact in-water exercise class set to music in deep water. Participants wear flotation belts and/or leg cuffs to stay afloat while using foam dumbbells, noodles, and additional aquatic exercise equipment for a lively, invigorating full-body workout. 


Invigorating super high-energy, low-impact all levels in-water full-body workout in the shallow or deep end.

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Cuff and Core

An in-water exercise class using flotation cuffs with a focus on core stability while challenging both balance and alignment. 

Aqua Body Blast  

This high-energy class takes place in shallow water with a deep water component, set to music. The use of foam dumbbells and noodles will add more resistance to your lively, invigorating workout. 

Aqua Jogging  

An excellent cardiovascular exercise program for all levels of fitness. This program takes place in the deep end of the pool using buoyancy belts and tethers. Included with membership.45 – 60 minutes 

Aqua Anything Goes  

This water workout could include cardio, core, balance and strength training… but how? A variety of formats included but not limited to Tabata, noodle work, weight training, Barre, or maybe just your body weight combined with the water’s resistance will keep your body guessing? You gotta go if you want to know! 

Liquid Iron  

An innovative way to work out in the aquatic environment with the use of light handheld weights (provided and optional). This class is held in shallow water. It’s a strength training and aerobic endurance workout with the wow factor for all levels. Results are strength, build muscle, toning and core stability. Sturdy Aquatic shoes recommended during this class.

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