Swim Lessons


  • Beginner- YMCA- Water Acclimation; Red Cross- Preschool 1 & 2. Various sized flotation devices may be used.
  • Advanced- YMCA- Water Movement; Red Cross- Preschool Level 3. Child must be able to swim without any flotation device.

The Preschool Swim Program offers children their first experience in the pool without parental assistance. The children are taught the basic skills/building blocks of swimming. They will learn about pool safety and the use of personal flotation devices. The 30-minute class is taught by a caring, qualified swim instructor. Buoyant bubbles and other teaching devices are used to promote skill development. Class participants are divided into skill levels and class size is 1:4 ratio of instructor to child.
Ages: 3-5 years old
30 minutes

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Comprised of 5 main components: personal safety, stroke development, water sports & games and rescue. Skill levels build upon the strokes, diving fundamentals and safety skills.

  • Youth I Beginner (with Floatation) – YMCA- Water Movement; Red Cross- Preschool Levels 1 & 2. This is for the child who has never had swim lessons previously or for the child who still uses a bubble or may have fear of the water.
    Ages 6 years old & up
    30 minutes
  • Youth I – YMCA- Water Stamina & Stroke Introduction; Red Cross- Level 3. Each child is placed in a class according to his/her abilities. Each group works on personal safety, stroke development, water sports and games, personal growth, fitness and rescue skills.
    Ages 6 years old & up
    45 minutes
  • Youth I Advanced – YMCA- Stroke Development; Red Cross- Level 4. Ages 6 years old & up
    45 minutes
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Youth II – YMCAStroke Mechanics; Red Cross- Level 5/6. Participants must be able to complete 50 yards of the front crawl with rotary breathing and 50 yards of the back crawl as well as tread water for 2 min. Participants will become proficient in all strokes, build stamina & endurance.

Ages 6-15 years old
45 minutes

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Swim lesson Benefits

Discover the multitude of advantages offered by swim lessons at Newport County YMCA. These lessons not only teach essential water safety skills that can be life-saving but also instill a deep sense of confidence in various aquatic environments. Additionally, swimming provides an excellent full-body workout, enhancing strength, endurance, and flexibility. Beyond the physical benefits, our swim programs offer a wonderful opportunity to connect with others and become part of a supportive community. Swimming is a skill for life, and our certified instructors tailor lessons to suit all levels, ensuring a safe and enjoyable learning experience. Dive into the world of aquatic benefits with us today! 

Training Benefits 

Swim lessons provide numerous benefits, making them a valuable pursuit for people of all ages. These lessons not only enhance swimming skills but also instill crucial water safety awareness. They offer an excellent full-body workout, improving physical fitness, flexibility, and mental discipline. Moreover, conquering fears in the water boosts self-confidence and reduces stress. Swim lessons can also be a social activity, fostering new connections and friendships. Learning lifesaving skills and adapting to different water environments further adds to their value. Ultimately, swim lessons offer a lifelong activity that promotes health, confidence, and safety in and around water.

Coaching benefits 

Swim coaching significantly enriches the swim lesson experience. Coaches offer personalized instruction, honing in on your unique needs and skill level. They bring technical expertise, fine-tuning your strokes and form. Coaches serve as motivating forces, setting goals, tracking progress, and ensuring commitment. Immediate feedback and error correction are invaluable for technique refinement. Advanced drills and tailored training push you to excel. Safety supervision, goal setting, and mental coaching contribute to a holistic approach. Coaches adapt to your learning pace, build confidence, and prepare you for competitions, all while prioritizing injury prevention. They maintain records for consistent progress tracking, making swim coaching an indispensable component of effective swim lessons.

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