Out of School Time (OST)

Expert Led Out of School Time Programs

Experience the Difference: At all YMCA Out of School Time sites, our dedicated staff boasts exceptional qualifications and credentials. Our Y professionals excel at nurturing your child’s talents, fostering lasting friendships, and instilling a sense of belonging to a community driven by a shared cause. Their passion for their work ensures that your child enjoys an unforgettable and enriching experience every single day. Trust in our expert team to provide a safe, inspiring, and engaging environment where your child thrives. Discover the joy of learning and growth through our Out of School Time programs, led by professionals who truly care.

Our Locations 

Forest Avenue School (starting 7:00am/ending 6:00pm)

Aquidneck School (starting 7:00am/ending 6:00pm)

Gaudet Middle School (ending 6:00pm)

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Affordable Care and Financial Assistance 

While we try to make this program affordable for everyone, we understand that cost may be a barrier for some families. Because of this, we tirelessly raise money for our Community Support Campaign. We encourage you to apply for financial assistance through this scholarship program. We also accept RICAAP benefits.

Financial AId

All Staff are:

-Certified in CPR, child abuse prevention, and first aid 

-Carefully screened according to state and local standards. All staff must pass a criminal background check, FBI fingerprint background check and character reference checks. 

-Required to complete 20 hours of professional development each year 

-Uphold the mission of the YMCA 

-Committed to providing a quality experience for every child, incorporating the Y’s core values: caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility. 

After-School Advantages

Out of School Time programs offer a world of benefits. Beyond traditional school hours, children delve into enriching activities that foster creativity, friendship, and skill development. These programs nurture a sense of belonging and encourage exploration in a safe and supportive environment. From hands-on learning to building confidence, each moment is an opportunity for growth. With a balanced blend of fun and education, our Out of School Time programs lay the foundation for lifelong success. Discover the remarkable advantages that await your child beyond the school bell.

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