Parent Child and Preschool Classes

Parent Child Classes-45 Minutes
Our parent child classes are structured to provide quality interactive time between the child and caregiver. Activities emphasize body awareness, balance, and a variety of gross motor opportunities. Basic shapes, movements, and skills are introduced using semi-structured circuits followed by open exploration time. The following are the classes we offer based on age:

Tots (Ages 1 to 3.5 Years)

Preschool Gymnastics

Co-ed Mini’s – 45 minutes
Ages 3-5 years
Gymnastics instruction is on our preschool apparatus. The focus is on learning body positions, introducing basic gymnastics skills, learn body positions and developing the listening and cooperation skills necessary for moving up in the gymnastics program.

Co-ed Hotshots – 45 Minutes
Ages 3-5
For those who have taken at least one session of Intermediate Mini’s and mastered basic gymnastics skills and positions. We will continue to use the preschool apparatus as well as introduce the competitive apparatus in order to prepare for the next level.