Course Elements:

High Ropes -Course takes 50 feet above the ground! You can also combine a high and low course for a full day experience! In the high course, each participant will have the opportunity to traverse a cable, balance on a beam, or jump from a platform and reach for a goal. Individual climbers are assisted by their group members as they use a rope ladder and climbing holds to ascend our activities. All of our high elements use a harness and ropes safety system with highly trained staff.

  • ¬†Provides high perceived risk.
  • Participants get the opportunity to challenge their perceptions of themselves and their team members.
  • Practice setting goals and striving to reach them!


  • 2 sided 46 ft climbing tower
  • 275 ft zip line
  • 50 ft cargo net
  • Vertical Playpen
  • Multivine Traverse
  • And Much More!

Low Ropes -course allows participants to work together as a team to balance on wires, climb through spaces, use boards to create bridges and more! Groups rely on safety training and activity goal focusing to succeed on elements 0-3ft off the ground. Our experience staff will guide your group through a series of activities that will progress in intensity. Staff members will provide open ended questions and encourage groups to discuss the successes and challenges in debriefing sessions. The Low Ropes Course is an excellent tool for teambuilding and leadership development.