Online Membership Registration

Access to the Newport County YMCA facility and programs is limited to registered participants and active members. All members are required to present a current, valid, membership card when using the YMCA’s facility and programs. Membership cards are nontransferable.

As a member of the Newport County YMCA, you are agreeing to the following policies, procedures and appropriate behaviors for the safety and comfort of all members and guests.

Member Code of Conduct

It is the policy of the Newport County YMCA to ban registered sex offenders from participating in programs or memberships. Our database is regularly screened against the National Sex Offender registry. New members are screened upon registration.

In addition, members are to assume all risks, injuries and property damage incidental to the use of the Newport County YMCA facility but not limited to physical activities in which he/she is engaged.

Membership Financial Agreement

  • I authorize the Newport County YMCA to charge my credit card/checking account the monthly fee for membership. I understand my account will be charged on the 1st or the 15th of the month.
  • I understand if my payment bounces, I will receive an additional $30 returned payment fee.
  • The credit card/checking account draft is a continuous membership plan. I understand that my membership will remain in effect permanently or until I initiate its termination.
  • I understand that if I wish to terminate or change my membership status in any way, I must give the Newport County YMCA a 15-day written notice prior to the cancellation date.
    *Note: If you are currently signed up for a program you cannot terminate your membership until the program has ended. If you choose to terminate your membership you will be charged the difference between the member and nonmember rate, allowable only one time. If you wish to rejoin you will be charged a Joiner Fee and your account will be flagged that you cannot cancel until the program is finished.
  • The Newport County YMCA may, at its discretion, adjust the monthly rate it charges for my membership. I understand that I will receive at least 30 days’ notice prior to any such change.
  • Should my credit card company/bank for any reason not honor a draft, I understand that the Newport County YMCA will automatically resubmit that draft for payment. If the draft is not honored on the re-submission, the amount of the draft will be immediately due.
  • I understand that after two unpaid drafts, the Newport County YMCA will immediately terminate my membership until I have brought all payments to date.
  • All discounts/promotions, cannot be applied online and must be done at the Y.