Membership Policies

Membership Cards – All members must present their cards at the Member Service Desk in order to use the facilities.

Adult – Membership cards do not have an expiration date. A new card is not issued when your membership is renewed. After the 2nd replacement card there is a $1.00 fee.

Cancellation PolicyTo cancel your membership, please email your request to or fill out a cancellation form in person located at the Welcome Center. Requests to cancel membership must be received AND confirmed by Welcome Center Staff 15 days (minimum) prior to the date membership fees are withdrawn. Less than 15 days will result in the cancellation taking effect the following month. Refunds will not be issued if a 15-day notice is not provided.

Hold Policy – A membership can be placed on hold for up to 3 months, once in a 12-month period.

Priority Registration & Reduced Rates –“Members Only” registration begins prior to the start of the first program session on the current YMCA program brochure. Programs are offered to YMCA members at special reduced rates. Online registration is available by going to:

Bank Draft/Debit* – Membership Fees may be paid by using an electronic funds transfer that automatically debits your checking or credit card account for the monthly fee.
* A fifteen (15) day written notice prior to your draft date is required to change or stop your debit.

Joiner Fee – There is a fee charged to our new members. Memberships which are not renewed within thirty days of the expiration date will be classified as new memberships and are subject to a reprocessing fee of $50.00 (adult) or $75.00 (families). Joiner fees are non-refundable.

Guest & Walk-in Fees* – All guests must be with an active member.
*Due to new COVID-19 guidelines, we cannot accept guests at this time.

Youth $5.00 (Must be accompanied by an adult)

Adult $10 (18+)

Locker Room Policies

  • All children under the age of 3 may use the Women’s or Men’s Locker Rooms when accompanied by an adult.
  • All children age 3–14 are restricted from using the Women’s and/or Men’s Locker Rooms.
  • Children age 3–14 will use the Girls or Boys Locker Rooms. An adult accompanying a child into the Girls and/or Boys Locker Room will use the appropriate locker room of the adult’s gender.
  • Our family changing room is available for all to use—please see member services for a key.