Prescribe the Y!

The NEWPORT COUNTY YMCA  Health and Wellness initiative for Youth 6-12.
FREE 12-week wellness program offered at the Newport County YMCA!

Days and Times TBD. *Participants must have a doctors referral

Prescribe the Y is a comprehensive 12-week program focused on increasing physical activity and establishing good nutritional practices to maintain or decrease BMI for children ages 6-12 measured at a BMI greater than 85%. Two Wellness Coaches will guide participants through one-hour classes in cardiovascular activity, strength training, and nutrition education.


HEALTH COACHES work with children using traditional exercise methods to ease them into a fitness routine that is comfortable for them.

WEEKLY MEETINGS with wellness coaches and fitness professionals to establish and maintain healthier eating patterns and a more physically active lifestyle.

SUPPORTIVE ENVIRONMENT where children and their families can receive guidance, support, and the resources they need to develop lifelong healthy habits.

Measurable Goals One Step At A Time
• Reduce or maintain BMI level
• Improve physical fitness level, nutrition knowledge, & confidence level
• Develop participants’ understanding of the need to increase personal and family daily activity levels
• Improve lifestyle habits

DryLand Training

Available to our Wahoo Swim Team Members ONLY.

This program is designed to prepare young athletes in our Wahoo Swim Team program. With these workouts held at the YMCA, athletes will develop explosive power, speed, and overall strength. Workouts consist of a 30-minute dynamic warm-up to start, acceleration, deceleration, and change of direction drills and supervised weight training.