Meet the Trainers

Kathy Lavigeuer

Kathy Lavigeuer has been teaching group exercise classes and working as a personal trainer for over fourteen years, and she is the Group Exercise Coordinator at the YMCA.  From group exercise classes to one on one personal training she wants every member/client to feel involved and connected to the workout. Her focus is on functional fitness and being FIT FOR LIFE, your life.  Whether your goal is to complete a triathlon, improve your fitness test score, lean out, bulk up or just carry a laundry basket upstairs without getting winded, she understands your goals and can help you attain them. Her goal ultimately is for you to feel confident and strong, inside and out. She has trained professional athletes, celebrities, Navy Seals and “regular Joes (and Jane’s) and all have achieved increased strength and confidence through exercise.  That said, her favorite “clients” in her life remain her children Beatrix (swimmer, triathlete), Billy (football player, swimmer, baseball player) and Luc (baseball, basketball and football player). She is an AFTA (American Fitness Training of Athletics) certified personal trainer and a certified Spinning instructor.


​Elysha is a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and is also TRX Suspension Trainer certified. A lifelong athlete, Elysha played several competitive sports, was a gymnast and college cheerleader. She enjoyed distance running for several years before finding a true passion for weight training and high-intensity exercise. Elysha prioritizes core and functional movements with her clients and loves to incorporate the use of props. Most notably, the Bosu Ball and TRX Suspension Trainer, used for their challenge to balance and stability! Following multi-modality approaches and variety programming, a typical session could include weight training, bodyweight resistance, cardiorespiratory and stretching elements. Elysha offers programming suitable for any and all fitness levels including teens and seniors to pregnant and postpartum women. She prides herself on client commitments to health and wellness and would love to meet you!

Jay Ombati

Jay Ombati is a Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist through the American Council on Exercise. He played football and ran track in college. Sports have had a significant role in his life. After suffering a knee injury in college, Jay had to partake in rehabilitation and learned a lot through the process. This is what truly sparked his interest in fitness and nutrition. Jay believes that exercise, nutrition, and mental health all work together for the success of the individual and all need to be considered for overall health improvement. One of the most important things as a trainer is helping someone learn proper health and fitness techniques and how to incorporate exercise into their daily life. As your trainer, I want to help make your fitness goals attainable and your fitness journey a positive experience. Remember, “It doesn’t get easier, you just get better.”

Sam Heavey

Sam grew up in Marion, MA and attended Tabor Academy and played varsity football, wrestling, and lacrosse. Received Bachelors of Science Cum Laude at West Virginia University and Masters of Science at Appalachian State University. Has eight years of personal training experience with clients and athletes of all skills and ages. Loves reading, traveling, being outdoors, and activities such as paddleboarding and snowboarding. Currently, a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) and is employed at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth as an Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach.

“Flow like water.” – Bruce Lee

Anna’s 20+ years of experience in the fitness industry, in addition to her life practices help to make her a very enthusiastic Personal Trainer. A military spouse, and the mother of two young adult children, Anna has been helping clients get fit from coast to coast including Hawaii. Participation in high school athletics sparked Anna’s desire to train and compete in 3 sprint triathlons, a duathlon, and several figures and women’s bodybuilding competitions. She continues to train and compete as well as teach several group exercise classes each week. Anna is patient, easy to talk to and is deeply committed to helping her clients achieve their fitness goals. She is even willing to share some of her healthy recipes to try at home!
Certifications: AFAA Personal Trainer and Group Fitness, Body Training Systems: Group Power and Group Step, Johnny G. Spinning Instructor, Mat Science, and Pilates, Aqua Instructor.