CFP Programs

We know parents want the best for their kids and kids want to have fun. We provide a wide range of programs that bring families closer together, encourage good health, and foster connections through fitness, sports, and shared interests.

Parents Night Out
Parents, do you need a night out to yourself without children? Well here is your chance, every 2nd Friday of the month, the YMCA at Common Fence Point offers Parents Night Out, which allows you to spend some time without the kids while they have fun playing games, creating an craft and watching a movie!

  • For kids between the ages of 3-10 (must be potty trained)
  • Includes dinner, craft and movie
  • Registration closes the Thursday night before event.

Youth and Family Programs

Ninjazone: Ages 3-8
Ninjazone is the fusion of obstacle training, gymnastics, martial arts, and freestyle movement. The purpose of the program is to turn energy into ambition one awesome kid at a time! This is done through building strength and agility, fundamental movement, discipline and creativity.

Mini Gymnastics: Ages 3-5
Gymnastics instruction will be taught on our preschool apparatus. Children will accomplish basic gymnastics skills, learn body positions, and develop the listening and coordination skills necessary to advance I the preschool program.

Gym with Parent: Ages 1-3
The primary focus of this class is for the parent and child to have fun together, while focusing on gross motor skills and movement throughout the class. Obstacles will be set up by staff to challenge each participant. Participants will learn through games, songs, and other activities that help to develop body awareness.

Music and Movement: Ages 1 – 4
Introduce your child to music and join him and her in the parent child class. This class is filled with songs, instruments and creative movement.

Indoor Play: 5 and under
Here at CFP, we strive to provide a supervised, safe, enriching environment through non structured, age appropriate play activities in an atmosphere of fun and enjoyment.

Healthy Kids Club: Ages 7-11
Children will learn how to live a healthy and active lifestyle through a combination of cardio and strength workouts as well as how learning what types of foods are good for them to eat.