Wahoo Swim Team

The Wahoos Swim Team is a comprehensive and competitive swim program with a large focus on individual performance. We realize that everyone is not created equal, so why would we try and train them all as such. We focus on individual strengths and making adjustments to minimize weaknesses.

Our Training and what we offer our swimmers:

  • Stroke proficiency and performance
  • Technical stroke adjustments for efficiency and increased power through the water
  • 5 Days of water training from 1-2 hours of pool time (depending on age and ability)
  • Nutritional guidance and suggestions
  • Land base training from certified trainers, to increase strength and conditioning

Our goal is to help facilitate a strong competitive swim program for our young athletes. This helps them increase their confidence in the pool as well as their everyday lives elsewhere. We are the true definition of team and support each other through success and disappointment.

Wahoos Short Course Season:

Newport County YMCA Wahoos Short Course Season begins in September and goes through late February/early March. All athletes on the team MUST maintain an active membership status for the entire season to participate. Swim Training is offered 5 days/week with dryland training being offered for our 11 and overs 4 days/week. Our comprehensive and challenging program creates optimal performance, while our fun atmosphere enables our athletes to enjoy their experience. Parents will agree to volunteer when needed to run our meets and fundraising. We actively welcome new young swimmers to join and embark on this great journey with us.
Open to ages 5 up to College age and all new swimmers must have a swim assessment done by one of our coaching staff.

WAHOOS swim team

Coach Bios

Coach Randy Doiron

WAHOO swim team head Coach Randy DoironAs far back as I can remember, I was always drawn to the water, it fascinated me. As a child, I grew up in Waltham MA and quickly began my swimming career at the age of 10. I swam for the local Boy’s and Girl’s Club and took to swimming extremely well. My passion for the sport continued to increase at an alarming rate. At 12 years old, I decided that I wanted to take my talent to the next level and swim for a USA Swim club, The New England Barracudas. This short opportunity allowed me to get to the next level of competition. Sadly, my parents couldn’t afford to keep me enrolled in the US Team for more than that one season. Although broken hearted, I understood. I continued swimming with the Club team at the Boy’s and Girl’s Club until I was 17, and then on to College. I went to school at Salem State College. This was the Pinnacle of my swimming career, and a very exciting time for me. Through the help of my coaches and teammates I excelled to a level I never thought imaginable, achieving goals and times I thought were above my ability. As a freshman, I was given the honor of being the team captain and held that honor for my entire college stay. As a team, we had broken every record the school had ever held, and set the bar for future swimmers who would attend Salem State.​

I began my coaching career shortly after college for the Sun Valley Sharks in Lexington MA. I had the pleasure of coaching some of the finest swimmers. Not all were the fastest, but that isn’t the only thing that makes a swimmer great. I can say that I learned as much from them as they did me, possibly more. They enabled me to keep my passion alive through their own unique passions of the sport.

– Coach Randy