Wahoo Swim Team

Team Philosophy

The purpose of the Newport County Wahoo competitive swim program is to provide each and every swimmer with the opportunity to strive for excellence in competitive swimming.  While each swimmer may begin his or her swimming career at a different point, we encourage swimmers at all levels to accept the challenges of this sport.  Goal setting, motivation, confidence, handling pressure, taking responsibility, improving or maintaining health & fitness, building and enjoying friendships are just a few goals we have for our swimmers.

Of course, while coaches, parents & friends will provide a positive atmosphere in which respect for one another is modeled, it is ultimately the responsibility of each swimmer to help see that things are working on our team.  Team unity and positive support of one another is a must.

While winning, setting a record, getting a best time or making a qualifying time are all great accomplishments and feel good, these should not be not our only goals.  These are not the only ways to gauge success.  We will assist our athletes to become stronger individuals, learn sportsmanship as well as self accountability, to name a few. Here are a few examples of success:  Advanced stroke technique, learning initiative, learning to win and lose with confidence in each, building lifelong friendships.  Medals and Trophies will eventually get dusty, lost, or put away. But, the lessons learned in our swimming program with stay with them a lifetime.

Coach Bios

Coach Maruti Kolluru

Coach Maruti began swimming at the age of 10 for the Upper Main Line YMCA. It was during that time that he started to find his love of coaching by helping coach the 8 and under swimmers on the team. Afterward, he continued swimming in college at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. During his last year at RPI, he started coaching at Uncle Sam Swim Club, a local USA Swim club in Troy NY. After moving to Newport, he coached at the Newport Boys and Girls club for a season. Afterward, he began coaching the Newport County Wahoos, where he is now entering his fourth year with the team as an Assistant Coach, becoming Head Coach in December of 2019.

Coach Cathy Motta

Coach Cathy has been coaching the sport of swimming for over 20 years. She has had many experiences coaching various age group teams in the area, as well as coaching the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth varsity swim team.

Coach Alyssa Grant

Coach Alyssa swam for Worcester Polytechnic Institute and moved to the area after college. Alyssa continues to swim as a way to maintain fitness. Alyssa joined the Wahoos coaching staff during the 2021-2022 swim season, and is eager to continue to spread her knowledge of the sport to the next generation.

Coach Abby Preston

Coach Abby is a former Wahoo and swam on the team from ages 8-17. While swimming for the Wahoos, Abby also swam for Rogers High School. After high school, Abby took up sailing while in college. Now, she is back in the area and swims as a form of exercise. Abby is very excited to come back to the program that she was once a part of.

Coach Chris Spaight

Coach Chris is a runner and triathlete and currently a very active lifeguard at the Newport County YMCA. In his free time, you can find Chris swimming in the mornings to maintain his fitness. Chris has also recently become interested in teaching and coaching the younger generation how to swim and is very excited to start working with the Wahoos.

Coach Jordan Glenning

Coach Jordan is an alumna of the Wahoos and will be entering her fourth season coaching the Wahoos. Even while Jordan has been at school training to be a physical therapist, she has been coming back on her breaks to continue coaching the swim team.

Coach Mike Stein

Coach Mike used to be a former swimmer in his childhood days. Although his love for soccer pulled him away from the sport, Coach Mike has been finding his love for swimming again as he is training for triathlons. Both of his daughters swim for the Wahoos, which has also fostered his interest in giving back to the sport and joining the Wahoos coaching staff.