Aquatics Programs


Learn the fundamentals of swimming or improve your strokes. Older youths are welcome. 45 minutes

Primary objective is to have both the parent and child comfortable in the water. This is a non-submersive class. Children will become aware of the differences between moving through water and on dry land, while the parents will become aware of how to teach his or her child to be safe in and around the water. Classes are designed to allow the child to have fun in the water while the parent guides him or her to learn aquatic skills. The child will be exposed to games that use basic movements in the water, such as kicking, arm strokes and breath control. Activities are based on developmental abilities of the child.
Ages 6-36 months w/parent
30 minutes

  • Beginner- YMCA- Water Acclimation; Red Cross- Preschool 1 & 2. Varies size flotation devices may be used.
  • Advanced- YMCA- Water Movement; Red Cross- Preschool Level 3. Child must be able to swim without any flotation device.

The Preschool Swim Program offers children their first experience in the pool without parental assistance. The children are taught the basic skills/building blocks of swimming. They will learn about pool safety and the use of personal flotation devices. The 30-minute class is taught by a caring, qualified swim instructor. Buoyant bubbles and other teaching devices are used to promote skill development. Class participants are divided into skill levels and class size is 1:4 ratio of instructor to child.
Ages: 3-5 years old
30 minutes

Comprised of 5 main components: personal safety, stroke development, water sports & games and rescue. Skill levels build upon the strokes, diving fundamentals and safety skills.

  • Youth I Beginner (with Floatation) – YMCA- Water Movement; Red Cross- Preschool Levels 1 & 2. This is for the child who has never had swim lessons previously or for the child who still uses a bubble or may have fear of the water.
    Ages 6 years old & up
    30 minutes
  • Youth I – YMCA- Water Stamina & Stroke Introduction; Red Cross- Level 3. Each child is placed in a class according to his/her abilities. Each group works on personal safety, stroke development, water sports and games, personal growth, fitness and rescue skills.
    Ages 6 years old & up
    45 minutes
  • Youth I Advanced – YMCA- Stroke Development; Red Cross- Level 4. Ages 6 years old & up
    45 minutes

Youth II – YMCAStroke Mechanics; Red Cross- Level 5/6. Participants must be able to complete 50 yards of the front crawl with rotary breathing and 50 yards of the back crawl as well as tread water for 2 min. Participants will become proficient in all strokes, build stamina & endurance.
Ages 6-15 years old
45 minutes


Easy Water Fitness is a low impact workout that uses resistance of the water to improve muscle strength, range of motion and joint pain relief. Designed for those new to exercise, looking to get back into exercise, and recovery after surgery (with Doctor’s permission only). A small portion of the class is done in the deep end (optional).
Equipment Used: Styrofoam dumbbells, float belts, noodles
45 minutes

Fun and energetic moderate-intensity, low-impact in-water exercise class using foam dumbbells, noodles, and additional aquatic exercise equipment in shallow water.

Fun and energetic higher intensity, low-impact in-water exercise class set to music in deep water. Participants wear flotation belts and/or leg cuffs to stay afloat while using foam dumbbells, noodles, and additional aquatic exercise equipment for a lively, invigorating full-body workout.

Invigorating super high-energy, low-impact all levels in-water full-body workout in the shallow or deep end.

An in-water exercise class using flotation cuffs with a focus on core stability while challenging both balance and alignment.

This high-energy class takes place in shallow water with a deep water component, set to music. The use of foam dumbbells and noodles will add more resistance to your lively, invigorating workout.

An excellent cardiovascular exercise program for all levels of fitness. This program takes place in the deep end of the pool using buoyancy belts and tethers. Included with membership.45 – 60 minutes

This water workout could include cardio, core, balance and strength training… but how? A variety of formats included but not limited to Tabata, noodle work, weight training, Barre, or maybe just your body weight combined with the water’s resistance will keep your body guessing? You gotta go if you want to know!

An innovative way to work out in the aquatic environment with the use of light handheld weights (provided and optional). This class is held in shallow water. It’s a strength training and aerobic endurance workout with the wow factor for all levels. Results are strength, build muscle, toning and core stability. Sturdy Aquatic shoes recommended during this class.


Participants (15 years old and over) who can pass a swim skills test are trained in the area of personal safety and water emergencies. This is an American Red Cross certification. It also includes CPR for the Professional Rescuer and First Aid.

Must hold current American Red Cross Lifeguard Certification. Successfully passing the written Lifeguard, CPR/FA for the Professional Rescuers, swim test and perform rescue skills will be recertified for an additional 2 years.
8-hour class


This American Red Cross course is designed for participants ages 11 years old & up. The course teaches the basics of child care, the business of babysitting, and first aid response. A certificate is issued at the completion of the course. Lunch is included. Please contact Emily Cush, Aquatics Coordinator at for additional details.


Over one million people will have heart attacks in the U.S. this year. Learn to recognize the signs and symptoms of heart attacks and perform CPR for adults, children, and infants. This American Red Cross will also teach you how to help a choking individual. Basic First Aid AED certification is included.

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