Aquatics Programs

Learn the fundamentals of swimming or improve your strokes. Older youths are welcome. 45 minutes

Easy Water Fitness is a low impact workout that uses resistance of the water to improve muscle strength, range of motion and joint pain relief.Designed for those new to exercise, looking to get back into exercise, and recovery after surgery (with Doctor’s permission only). A small portion of the class is done in the deep end (optional).
Equipment Used: Styrofoam dumbbells, float belts, noodles
45 minutes

A fun filled hour of water exercise, consisting of warm-up, cardiovascular conditioning, muscular strengthening and endurance, plus flexibility and cool down. Included with membership45 – 60 minutes

Deep Water AerobicsFlotation cuffs and styrofoam dumb bells are used to add resistance to your workout. A great cardiovascular conditioning class, held in the deep end of the pool, that offers no stress on the joints! Included with membership.45 – 60 minutes

This class is designed to burn calories and make you sweat using the latest HIIT (high intensity interval training) and Tabata fitness trends adapted for the pool. Expect a high cardio/low impact workout that is challenging and effective!
60 minutes

A full body workout using the resistance of water to get your heart rate up and your muscles moving! Exercises include cardiovascular intervals and aquatic equipment to target muscle groups and make each class challenging and fun. Class utilizes both shallow and deep ends of the pool. All fitness levels welcome
60 minutes

An excellent cardiovascular exercise program for all levels of fitness. This program takes place in the deep end of the pool using buoyancy belts and tethers. Included with membership.45 – 60 minutes

Enjoy the benefits of personal training in the water with one of our certified instructors.

All children must be accompanied by an adult (age 18 & up). Each adult can supervise a maximum of four children. Children must remain within arm’s length of the adult they are swimming with. Children under the age of 12 and non-swimmers must have an adult in the water. Refer to current pool schedule for days and times.

Ages 3 and up. Customized instruction based upon swimmer’s ability. Please call the Aquatics Director for more information.

These lessons are held in an environment with social and emotional rewards. Individual progress is monitored and personal goals are establishedfor individuals with special needs.45 minutes

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