Aquatics Programs

Learn the fundamentals of swimming or improve your strokes. Older youths are welcome. 45 minutes

Easy Water Fitness is a low impact workout that uses resistance of the water to improve muscle strength, range of motion and joint pain relief.Designed for those new to exercise, looking to get back into exercise, and recovery after surgery (with Doctor’s permission only). A small portion of the class is done in the deep end (optional).
Equipment Used: Styrofoam dumbbells, float belts, noodles
45 minutes

Fun and energetic moderate-intensity, low-impact in-water exercise class using foam dumbbells, noodles, and additional aquatic exercise equipment in shallow water.

Fun and energetic higher intensity, low-impact in-water exercise class set to music in deep water. Participants wear flotation belts and/or leg cuffs to stay afloat while using foam dumbbells, noodles, and additional aquatic exercise equipment for a lively, invigorating full-body workout.

Invigorating super high-energy, low-impact all levels in-water full-body workout in the shallow or deep end.

An in-water exercise class using flotation cuffs with a focus on core stability while challenging both balance and alignment.

This high-energy class takes place in shallow water with a deep water component, set to music. The use of foam dumbbells and noodles will add more resistance to your lively, invigorating workout.

An excellent cardiovascular exercise program for all levels of fitness. This program takes place in the deep end of the pool using buoyancy belts and tethers. Included with membership.45 – 60 minutes

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