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Membership Director, Alicia Turskey
Tel: 401-847-9200 ext 102 E-mail: info@newportymca.org

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Healthy Living at the Y

The YMCA's Corporate Wellness Program makes it easier than ever for your employees to be active, healthy and more productive.

About the Y

Being healthy means more than simply being physically active. It's about maintaining a balanced spirit, mind and body. The Y is a place where you can work toward that balance by challenging yourself to reach new fitness goals, learning a new hobby or skill, fostering connections with friends through our lifelong learning programs, or bringing your loved ones closer together through our family-centered activities. At the Y, it's not about the activity you choose as much as it is about the benefits of living healthier on the inside as well as the outside.


Benefits of Healthy Employees

Employees are the most valuable assets to any company. Organizations that value and promote a healthy lifestyle have an edge when it comes to attracting and retaining key people. Plus, companies enjoy a variety of additional benefits of healthy employees, including:

Increased Morale, Productivity & Retention

Physical activity improves moods and energy and decreases stress and anxiety. Active employees feel good about themselves and their work.

Decreased Absenteeism & Health Care Costs

An estimated 25-30% of companies’ medical costs per year are spent on employees with excess, often preventable, health risk. Improved wellness reduces employee absenteeism, injury, overall medical claims and healthcare costs.

*Statistics provided by American Heart Association, 2010.

Our Corporate Wellness Programs

Healthy Steps Partnership (Level 1)

  • Two guest passes for employees to try the Y
  • $0 Join Fee
  • 10% off Choose to Lose Program and Boot Camps
  • Complimentary on-site health fair with membership, program, and health & wellness information. Includes on-site membership sign ups.
  • Program requires participation of at least 10 employees

Healthy Returns Partnership (Level 2)

  • Two guest passes for employees to try the Y
  • $0 Join fee
  • 10% off Choose to Lose & Boot Camp
  • Up to $100 match of employers contribution toward employee’s annual membership dues (restrictions apply)
  • Complimentary on-site health fair with membership, program, and health & wellness information. Includes on-site membership sign ups.
  • One free leadership/team building visit at our facility. (3 hours)
  • Company Picnic: 4-5 hours using our leadership facility, pavilion, and field space (Must provide own catering)

Non-Profit Organizations

We provide special corporate packages for non-profit organizations. Please contact Alicia Turskey, Membership Director at info@newportymca.org for more information on these membership rates!

Corporate Memberships include full member benefits: wellness center, weight room, group exercise classes, pool time, babysitting, racquetball court, basketball court, locker-room, steam room, sauna and member rates for all additional youth and wellness programs.

To Purchase Additional Benefits:

  • Onsite Nutrition class: For more than just the complimentary session, the employer may purchase additional classes at $50 per hour. Our nutrition staff will visit and provide healthy recipes, weight loss and maintenance tips, and answer any dietary questions. Free to employees.
  • Personal Training Onsite or at the YMCA: Private or group sessions, $50 per hour for Private, $30 per person for group (2+). Available for 30 minute sessions upon request.